Our Product Suite

We have designed a series of unique products that will help us to unlock all your Content needs. But fear not if these do not appeal to you as we also offer a highly bespoke individual service as well.

Active Guiding

In a complex, ever changing media and business landscape the ability to retain expertise remains ever onerous. We will work alongside you/and your team to either sharpen your skills or to act as an active adviser across a number of disciplines. More than pure mentoring/coaching but ‘Active Guiding’ to perfect your skills on the more challenging terrain.

Story in Reverse

Our Inspiration for this product has its origins in the hundreds of Post Campaign Analysis wash up meetings/presentations we attended. It was only in these meetings that the true effectiveness of a partnership came to light- what worked well and what elements ran into dead-ends. So now we begin with the ” End in Mind”, we accelerate forward and imagine that the partnership has already been around for a while and then we explore on how we could deepen success. This is a highly effective pitching and partnership analysis tool !


Trying to get the best out of a simple sponsorship arrangement ? Or tempted by a high end multi-platform partnership – with a whole host of on air, online and off air rights to activate ? We deconstruct both your brand and the content brand in order to establish the core elements that will act as the building blocks for a truly dynamic partnership. We then re-assemble both brands into one new, single ‘stronger unit ‘.

Collaboration Central

Examining the habits of Elite Teams can be completely absorbing as well as fascinating. The SAS have an ethos that they only ever ‘take as few people on the mission as possible”. In today’s modern, often heavily freelance environment, you can now afford to hire the ‘ very best team’ but only for as long as you need them to fulfil your mission. We have extensive relationships with all the disciplines within the Creative Services Industry. We can gather the best people, organise them & lead that team in order that your business task is fully executed to its desired outcome.

Successful Gestures

F.Scott Fitzgerald , in our favourite book- The Great Gatsby, wrote that ‘ personality was a series of successful gestures ‘ . We not only love the book but this quote stayed with us throughout our long and exciting pitching and presenting career. Before you can pitch anything to anyone, from a face to face with your boss to a stadia of 15k audience, then you need to know how to find that ‘inner personality ‘ and accompanying skill set to be fully fluent. Learn how to become a Master Storyteller and how to ‘love rather than loathe’ all forms of private and public presenting. We consider ‘ Successful Gestures’ to be a ‘life-skill’ rather than a nice sideline activity .

Flippin’Eck Workshops

Now we have been in some highly charged and goal driven WS’s and then some, that quite frankly sent us to sleep. The clue is in this title ‘Workshops’ – these are designed to help individuals and wider teams begin the journey of unlocking business issues. They can be purely a ‘learning zone’ – to help you understand aspects of the Eco-system (think A.I/A.R) or they can be heavily focused on a ‘thorny/exciting ‘ area you are trying to crack. We provide full on passion, innovative ideas and deep learning modules to get to the ‘heart of the challenge’. Stepping outside the room and looking at your issues with fresh eyes is definitely something we ‘practice as well as preach ‘.